For Buyers

In Preparation

Introductory Meeting

During our intro meeting we discuss in-depth, your vision, criteria, desires and non-negotiables for a future home and community, while establishing the most important factor of any relationship - a foundation of clear communication and mutual understanding that sets the stage for our work together to follow.


Inventory Study/ Market Research

Education is power. Throughout the home search process we study market trends through past, current and predicted outlooks, and apply this info to inventory of interest. This data-based approach yields effective results and supports intelligent decision-making throughout the entire transaction.


Viewing Homes and The Purchase Process

Upon viewing homes that meet wants and needs, we learn to employ an educated eye based on the analytics of our market research and inventory study to see past the initial impression, which is not always the most accurate read on a home. This results in a savvy and informed purchase.


Making An Offer and Beyond

Once we find a home, we evaluate it with regards to your criteria, as well as review its value in the market. Based on these considerations we compose a smart, competitive offer package. Once accepted, I provide strategic options, counsel in negotiations, and general support along the way and beyond.

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